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SALES: 2008.04.04

I have a bunch of leftover doujinshi that were never sold during my 2007.02.10 auction-style sale, so I'm trying it again, regular-style. Same prices as before, including shipping to wherever you are.

UPDATE: 2008.05.19
I've decided to let these doujinshi go for free or for whatever the buyer chooses to pay. I just really need to get rid of them, and I'd rather they were taken good care of than thrown in the dumpster.

UPDATE: 2008.05.20
All of the doujinshi have been claimed. Stay tuned for my Cheap Soup doujinshi, which I'm probably going to sell auction-style because I paid a gross amount of money for them in the first place.

If anyone's interested in my Cheap Soup doujinshi (I have all of the major ToriShishi ones), I may be selling those this summer, but they might be more expensive than these, because I love Cheap Soup dearly.

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I accept PayPal from everyone (highly preferred) and money order/well-concealed cash from US buyers.

Please and thank you!
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SALES: 2007.02.10

I'm selling some stuff, auction-style (because, speaking as someone who both bought things really quickly and missed things because she wasn't quick enough, I feel it's the fairest way for someone who really wants something to get what it is that s/he wants). They're all ToriShishi doujinshi, actually.

Auction-style sale functions like eBay or Yahoo!Japan. If you don't know how that works, please read the procedure, but if do know how it works, go ahead and see if there's anything you'd like.

Update: 2007.02.15
The auction-style bidding is over. If you want, you can buy anything left over for the auction starting price (remember, prices include shipping to anywhere in the world). Comments are no longer screened.

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I accept PayPal from everyone (highly preferred) and money order/well-concealed cash from US buyers. The price includes shipping to wherever you live.

Auction ends on Friday, February 16, 12:00 EST (-5 GMT). The auction has ended. Thanks for playing! If you'd like to buy any of the unsold doujinshi (which I'll be putting up in another auction-style sale later on) for their starting bid price, let me know. If I get the money right away (which is why PayPal is beautiful), I can ship your stuff on Friday or Saturday.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Comments are screened so that you can't see what another person's max bid is, so just write a new comment if you need to reply to one of my comments.
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SALES: 2006.08.23

This includes items relisted from my 2006.07.07 sale. Be sure to read the information/procedures before buying anything. Prices listed include shipping and are flexible.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Also, check my wishlist to see if you'd like to trade. Thanks!

Note: I'll be without an internet connection 2006.08.26~2006.08.29. Feel free to ask about items during that time, but I won't be able to reply until the 30th. Before then, I'll only accept PayPal, but on and after the 30th, I can accept PayPal, money order, or well-concealed cash (sent at your own risk).